New for 2021


Our pyjamas are designed for that moment when you start to get ready for bed.

From the moment you change out of the day’s clothing into your pyjamas, you are signalling to your body that it’s time to sleep.

We believe in the celebration of this simple transition. This moment allows us to shed more than just our clothes, but also prepares us for a period of unapologetic rest.

Latest reviews


It’s a beautiful set of short PJs – so fresh and botanical. Actually quite hard to find a short set that’s in 100% cotton. I hang onto my PJs for years so I didn’t mind spending a little bit more and getting ones I really liked. I couldn’t believe how quick I got them too!


My daughter adored these and commented on how well made they are as well as being completely gorgeous. Thank you for a very swift delivery and a helpful query about the post code I’d given ( which was wrong – my mistake!).

Why sleep + flourish pyjamas?

• 100% soft, breathable cotton;

• A traditional, tailored but loose silhouette for a put-together yet comfortable style;

• Pretty colours, fun and whimsical prints to elevate and lift your mood before bed;

• Added details such as pockets in the bottoms are not only stylish but also functional;

Buttons on cuffs meaning you can roll your sleeves up to feel more comfortable;

• Long bottoms come in Small and Regular sizes and an elasticated waistband and drawstring so that everyone can find their perfect fit.