Q&A with Bianca Riemer – award-wining stockbroker turned sleep and burnout coach


In this blog series, we sit down with Bianca Riemer who set up her own coaching business after dealing with some of the worst effects of burnout and poor sleeping habits. After working as an award-winning stock-broker, she decided to help others avoid the same fate so that they can live a more balanced and enjoyable life.

Q: What made you change career from stock-broker to burnout coach?

Bianca Riemer

BR: “I trained as a charted accountant and went to work as a stock market analyst at a multi-national investment bank. I loved the job – from analysing companies to making recommendations, it was something I enjoyed immensely.

But after a while, I found myself dragging my tired body out of bed every morning and collapsing back into bed in the evening after a long day. I’d be really tired, but still too wired to get a restful night’s sleep.

One day, my boyfriend suggested that I try going to the gym to get more energy, but as soon as I got on the exercise bike, I felt like I was going to faint, and at that point, I realised that I needed to get some help.

After getting the help I needed, I saw the advantages materialise at work: I got promoted, I was working fewer hours, I wasn’t working on weekends anymore.

Tired but wired

I realised that my mindset was all wrong

I used to have imposter syndrome and I never thought I was good enough. I would constantly beat myself up about the things I did or didn’t do. It was until I shifted my mindset and acknowledged that I was a foreign woman working in an investment bank filled with men from Oxbridge, that I had won awards that recognised my hard work and I was being paid more and recently promoted…there was something that had to be said for that, right?

The real tragedy struck when my father died just before my first baby was born, and then my mother sadly passed away one year later. To add to this already difficult situation, I almost lost my first baby amid this tough time. I used work to hide away and not face the reality of life.

It was after I had my second baby, I recognised that I really wanted to help people instead. I didn’t want people to end up like my father, who himself was insomniac who self-medicated with alcohol. I understood that I could help people avoid the same fate because I had seen it for myself.

I wanted to help people instead

After considering a few other business ideas, I finally became a coach to help people change their lives by adopting a growth mindset and build healthy, sustainable habits.”

You can learn more about Bianca by visiting her website https://www.biancariemer.com/

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